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Orange Bengals

About our Club

The Orange Bengals Pop Warner is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization offering youth competitive sports to children from ages 5 - 14. As a community, Orange has a long tradition of athletic excellence. The Bengals are apart of that tradition, 2018 will be our 7th year of being a leader in youth sports in our community. All participants will learn more than just the fundamental skills of their sport. While the fundamentals needed to be successful will be taught to each individual, we hope each child comes away with some basic life skills also. We are committed that each child learns the values of being a good citizen. Ideals like Family, Education, Teamwork, Commitment, Preparation, Loyalty, and Discipline will be shared on an ongoing basis with your children. The children will learn that being part of a team, and having pride in oneself and respect in one's teammates will prove to be beneficial in both competition and in life. The Bengals Organization is ready and committed to teaching and coaching the children. They will be taught the basic fundamentals to improve their athletic skill and help ensure their safety. We are committed to excellence in competition as well as involvement and enjoyment for every child. We want to be part of each child's quality of life.